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Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world, and on 14th February lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. We may not know the exact history of this day, but it is actually linked to Lupercalia, a festival held between February 13 and 15 in Ancient Rome to purify the city and to promote fertility.
During Lupercalia, men randomly chose a woman’s name from an urn. The man and the woman would be coupled up during the festival. If they liked each other, they spent time together. As Romans believed in destined spouses, the festival was a great opportunity to find love. Most of the couples chose to stay together after Lupercalia, and they got married in June, when weddings in Rome traditionally took place.
Have you ever wondered how the month June got its name? This month is named after Juno, a Roman goddess. Known as Hera in Greek mythology, Juno is wife to Jupiter (Zeus). She is responsible for the pairing of soulmates and marriages. Venus represents love, but Juno is related to attachment and loyalty.
In astrology, Juno is an asteroid connected with marriage and what you need in a partner. With your Juno placement, you can understand what you look for commitment and what you need for healthier partnerships.
Juno also shows the traits of your spouse – what kind of person they will be, where you may meet them, etc. Understanding your Juno can prevent you from wasting years on someone that didn’t feel right in the first place.
So, Valentine’s Day can be traced back to Lupercalia, even linked with the month June and Juno in our charts and may have a deeper meaning.
Hope you can find what you need for a lasting relationship with your Juno, and wish you a happy Valentine’s Day filled with love ...