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Known as Ares in Greek mythology, Mars is the son of Jupiter (Zeus) and Juno (Hera). Mars is the planet of war and conflict and shows how we exert our energy. How we demonstrate our will and how we bring our fist down on the table are based on our Mars sign. Mars is also related to aggression, action and sex.  

Mars gives us energy and physicality in all the topics it represents. Mars may bestow resistance, defense and assertion. It questions whether we have used our willpower effectively and for good.

Mars is a male planet and is associated with masculine aspects of the personality. In esoteric terms, Mars is the planet of passion, which fuels and feeds the soul.

Strong Mars enables one to be controlled, decisive and resilient. However, weak Mars may lead to rage attacks, passive attitudes and lack of resilience and strength.

On 24 January Mars steps into Capricorn, where it is in exaltation, and it will stay in this sign until 6 March. During this effective term, we can work in a disciplined way, improve our focus and concentration, develop our leadership skills and let go of our destructive behaviours.

Hope we can make use of Mars in Capricorn as a constructive way to channel our energy …