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Known as Hermes in Greek mythology, Mercury is the planet of communication and short-distance travel. Our language and way of communication are based on our Mercury sign as it symbolizes how we communicate and talk. Mercury is also related to intelligence, logical and rational thinking, siblings and neighbors.

Mercury gives us speed and practicality in all the topics it represents. Mercury may bestow movement, fast learning, wittiness and diplomatic skills. It also rules over transportation and trade.

Mercury is a gender-neutral planet, it is neither female nor male. It could be female or male depending on what it is conjuncting or its position in relation to the Sun.

Strong Mercury enables one to learn fast, communicate effectively, think logically and speak foreign languages. However, weak Mercury may lead to failure in education, lack of attention, restlessness and inability to express oneself.

Mercury retrograde will occur from 12 January at 9° Aquarius until 5 February at 24° Capricorn. Within this period, some issues may arise regarding Mercurian themes.
During Mercury retrograde, we had better be careful with ways and channels of communication, be cautious when shopping online, avoid buying or selling real estate and refrain from buying new technological devices.

We are going through a period of caution and dignity in relationships because Mercury retrograde is in an air sign, and Venus is also retrograding at the same time. It is quite possible that you might suffer from broken oaths or blind promises in a relationship starting during this term.

Hope we can make use of Mercury retrograde as a period for completing unfinished work and making peace with people who have wronged you …