Summing up the Year 2022

Bu yazı Astrolog Nursel Çetinkaya tarafından yazılmıştır.
Are you ready to welcome New Year 2022, or the year of light-speed change? While we are learning to deal with the challenges of a new age, life will speed up and we will feel compelled to actualize our hopes and dreams.
As the Nodes of the Moon move into the Taurus-Scorpio axis, it sure is going to create transformation in our lives, and we will try hard to balance the material and spiritual worlds.
Relationships will also be a major theme of the new year since we start the year with a Venus retrograde and end it with a Mars retrograde.
Since the Mercury retrogrades happen in air signs, it will direct us to introversion and require us to alter our perspective.
To sum up, these are the important astrology events in 2022:
- Solar Eclipse: 30 April
- Solar Eclipse: 25 October
- Lunar Eclipse: 16 May
- Lunar Eclipse: 8 November
- Venus retrograde: 19 December 2021-30 January 2022
- Mars retrograde: 28 October 2022-14 January 2023
- Mercury retrograde: 12 January-5 February
- Mercury retrograde: 11 May-5 June
- Mercury retrograde: 7 September-5 October
- Mercury retrograde: 30 December 2022-20 January 2023
- Jupiter-Neptune conjunction: 12 April
Hope 2022 will be a year full of new opportunities and good fortunes … Happy New Year!