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Known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, Venus is the planet of love and beauty. Our love language is based on our Venus sign since Venus symbolizes how we pursue and receive love. Venus is also related to arts, aesthetics and money.
Venus gives us ease and comfort in all the topics it represents. Venus may bestow beauty, artistic talents, a good life and martial favor. Venus has the qualities of life giving, protecting, producing and connecting. That’s why Venus is called “the lesser benefic”.
Strong Venus enables one to earn more, gives a polite manner, a taste in arts and a sense of aestethics. However, weak Venus may lead to a loss of taste and failure and jealousy in relationships.
Venus retrograde will occur from 19 December 2021 until 29 January 2022 in Capricorn. Within this period, some issues may arise regarding Venusian themes.
During Venus retrograde, we had better avoid making any permanent changes to our appearance, starting a relationship, getting married and buying or selling real estate.
We are going through a period of instability in financial markets, increase in the price of gold and foreign currency, and end of relationships with weak ties.
Hope we can make use of Venus retrograde as a period for inner reflection and review …